About Deli-Boys Subs & Salads

No matter what your reason for visiting, Deli-Boys works hard to provide an unforgettable dining experience. Are you looking for a place for a business lunch?  Deli-Boys has got you covered.  Need a quick meal for the family? We’ve got that too! Are you looking for the perfect restaurant to cater a birthday party, school or business event?  Deli-Boys is just what you’ve been searching for!

By serving only the freshest, high quality food to the Cleveland community, Deli-Boys has rapidly established itself as Cleveland’s own premier delicatessen. Using only fresh baked breads and Boar’s Head meats and cheeses, Deli-Boys provides high-quality, healthy meals in a great atmosphere.

Deli-Boys Owner, Chris Majeske, moved to the Cleveland area in 2005 and established Deli-Boys in 2007.  Together with his wife, Jennifer, he is raising a daughter and twin sons.  Chris is a strong believer in supporting the local community, schools, neighborhoods and people.  To that end, Deli-Boys works frequently with various charitable causes, church and school fundraisers, and local events.

Deli-Boys location is also keeping up with the times.  Chris feels it is important to offer everything that a person on the go needs. While you are having a delicious and healthy meal at Deli-Boys, you can recharge your mobile devices, surf the web, watch a game and much more!  That’s right! Deli-Boys has, digitial signage,  USB and AV charging stations for mobile devices, a sound system, 4 LED flat panel TVs, and, best of all, FREE Wi-Fi!

If you are looking for an unforgettable place with great ambiance and a fantastic dining experience, look no further than Deli-Boys!  It’s healthy, delicious and, dare we say it, addicting!

Call Deli Boys Today: 423-472.8868